world or warcraft burning crusade

January 15th, 2017

i want to play the game but i dunt want to download the version, i want to buy the original game. So i wanna know if i should just but the burning crusade or do i need to have the original world of warcraft to be able to play it. plus i live in egypt does it work here or not cause looking through the posts there is a us version and a uk version?
thnx for the help in advance

Answer #1
You need the old box too to play on expansion.
I have seen a pack tho, Base+Expansion+2 books of the game..
There is a US version yea.. Uk donno.
I have played it, and cant think of a reason why you wouldnt be able to play it.
Answer #2
thnx man, but would do u mean by 2 books of the game?
and wat are the prepaid cards. do i need to pay to get them after i buy the game or what?
Answer #3
i imagine you would be on enuk version rather than enus. enUS is nth america, south america, oceania.
so just go to a computer games store and buy both copies and you will get the correct versions for your area. if your not wanting draenei or Bloodelf im pretty sure you can just get world of warcraft and get burning crusade once you hit 60
edit: as for prepaids cards you get 60 day ones an top up when you run out. with the first WoW you get a month gametime cant remember if you do with bc. im pretty sure to get the acc activated you need a credit card. but once its goin you cancel the auto payments and once your month runs out you cant play till you top up and you credit card wont be charged. not too sure but thats how i did it. might pay to check


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