[Solved] VMware question about hard drives

February 23rd, 2024

So I have installed mac os x on vmware and everything is working fine except I don’t see any of my files stored on my hard drives I want to see all my files from all my partitions in my mac
Please let me know if its possible or not,if yes then how to do it

Answer #1
Only if you create a network between the VM and the host OS afaik.
Answer #2
You have to install vmware tools on the guest machine, enable folder sharing in the guest machine’s settings and specify which folders the host will share with the guest. this is for workstation 5.0 but they are all pretty much the same:
Answer #3
Thanks for all help but when I install vmware tools it show vmware tools could not find component on update server
Any help will we appreciated
Anyways got it to work


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