tools for fixing hard drive system area

August 31st, 2022

hi everyone
does anyone know of any tools that can fix a hard drive system area as i am not able to access my data as the drive freezes up when i try to access it

Answer #1
did you try accessing it from Safe Mode
Answer #2
HDD Regenerator
Answer #3
This ^^^
You might need to boot from …

Will my GH 5 Wii guitar work with Wii’s GH Aerosmith?

August 30th, 2022

Will my GH 5 Wii guitar work with Wii’s GH Aerosmith and Smash Hits?
IDK if it matter but I’m from Portugal where we use PAL System

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This must be on help desk
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Answer

PSP 3000 ChickHEN question

August 29th, 2022
Can it run ISO files on the memory card?? Because on what I read it can only run ISO files on a UMD thing… Or did I misunderstand?
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Question| HD 4870 catalyst Speed fan Can kill my fan?

August 28th, 2022

if it on 90 precent or 100?
what is the idle precentage for HD4780 Fan ingame?
Thnk u all for helping

Answer #1
It’s best to keep it around 60% or so. Keeping it high wont damage anything but it’ll sound like a jet engine
Answer #2

^|^ wrote: Select all
It’s best to keep it around 60% or so.

if i convert bluray mkv files to burn as a dvd

August 27th, 2022

I was wondering this. If I follow this guide:
And burn my blu-ray mkv files to a DVD, would I still keep my blu-ray quality? And I’m assuming I can use something like DVD shrink to fit several movies on one disc. Because the mkv files I have are big, like anywhere between 3GB to 16GB a piece.

playstation 2 video mode

August 26th, 2022

i have seen many games of ps 2 here in the ntsc video mode…..i just found out that my tv doesnot support ntsc video mode…so can anyone tell me that if i use softwares like ntsc to pal convertor will that game work on my tv
Answer #1
I’m not sure, but I think it should. Have a try, theres … Read more...

Is it possible to transfer RS points from Account to Account

August 26th, 2022

Is it possible to transfer RS points from Account to Account?
And now?

Answer #1
Answer #2
Unfortunately, no it is not possible because rapid share has not implemented it so far.
Answer #3

Vista Problem

August 25th, 2022

Hi Guys My laptop was sent back to factory settings yesterday and all the updates have been installed. It was running fine and installed VCL Media player & TVersity. Now i’m trying to install Freemake video converter and it won’t start the installer. I tried another make and when i click the installer that won’t launch either. Any idea what Read more...

file downloaded from Rapid Direct Download is currupt ?

August 23rd, 2022

i have downloaded a movie using Rapidshare direct download
Max Payne
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/163969771/Max.Payne.2008.R5.XviD-XsX.part1.rar
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/163970672/Max.Payne.2008.R5.XviD-XsX.part2.rar
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/163971506/Max.Payne.2008.R5.XviD-XsX.part3.rar

the files downloaded fine but the problem is that they are not opening up and saying the file is currupt or damaged?
is there any problem with software?

Answer #1
When winrar gives the …

How to insert ads banner at header & footer in phpbb2?

August 22nd, 2022

Hello buddies,
i want know how to insert ads banner at header & footer in phpbb2?
please reply me guys fast m waiting

Answer #1
Hope this can work
Answer #2
you will have to play with the header and footer files of your template!! And make sure that it shows where you exactly want!!
Answer #3
thnx buddies…

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