(half solved) how do i get free support from microsoft?

September 26th, 2022

Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago i installed windows vista (may have been just last week, anyway)
And i was experiencing some trouble with the service pack so i opted to get support from Microsoft (i think i clicked a link within windows)
A few days later M$ replied to my email and offered their support, which was good, but

Bluetooth Software for Windows 8

September 25th, 2022

I need working Bluetooth software for Windows 8.
Answer #1
Try Bluetooth Radar.
Answer #2
I need working Bluetooth software for Windows 8.
If your laptop supports bluetooth, then you need the the bluetooth driver for Windows 8.
Go to the official site of your laptop brand, for example, if your laptop is Dell, then go to dell official site.… Read more...


September 25th, 2022

I wonder if this list will run most games right now and probably future games with smooth gameplay and probably medium to high settings.
CPU: AMD A8-5600K Black Edition MB : Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-HD2
RAM: 4GB DDR3-1333 – Kingston (x2) GFX: Palit GTX 750 1024MB 128bit DDR5 StormX OC
I would love some advise or recommendation from you guys because I

If wireless keeps disconnecting, is it wireless card or inte

September 23rd, 2022

My laptop always disconnects from the internet at school. I’m wondering if it’s my laptop or the school connection because other student’s internet works fine…
It works once I restart laptop. Do you guys think the wireless card is bad?

Answer #1
it’s your school, Free wifi at school will most likely drop you time to time. If there are … Read more...

Problem playing 1080p movies on xbox360

September 23rd, 2022

Hey guys, i have been trying to play HD mkv and mp4 movies on my xbox360.
the mp4’s get the error saying it cannot be played
and the mkv movies, it cannot see.
i have tried the converters to convert to the xbox360 mp4s that are supposed to work, but of course they didn’t :/
anyone got any ideas, or

How To Play “Vista Chess ” in XP ?

September 22nd, 2022

friend my fav in vista is ches i want to play that in xp is it possible ?
how can i n where can i download n install any 1 please tell ?

Answer #1
check out this mate, some of the links you may need are dead but it points you in right direction —> google
Seems like …

Call of Duty World at War – Hamachi Lag Problem

September 21st, 2022

Me and a mate play Nazi Zombies on PC via Hamachi, the person that hosts the game gets around 10 ping and plays fine but the person that joins the game gets about 100 to 500 ping and it lags. Is there any way to fix this? We have tried doing it vice versa and it’s the same.

[solved] Rosetta Stone help

September 19th, 2022

my question is if i download Rosetta Stone and its english language packs
then after some time new version of Rosetta Stone is available and if i want to Download it, then can i only Download just Rosetta Stone Software or i need to Download its language packs too?

Answer #1
You have to download language pack also, such as … Read more...

Problem downloading from rapidshare using orbit downloader

September 19th, 2022

Hi guys it was fine until recently when i upgradedmy system to Windows vista 64bit version now i can’t download when copying link e.g. from thread. what happens is wheni select a link automatic download window opens from orbit downloader, if i select ok to download file it only downloads 15k file not the full file. but if i copy Read more...

No Activation for Office Pro Plus 2013 Works on Win 8 x64

September 18th, 2022

I try all Activation (MTK 2.4.8, KMSpico last version, KMSnon v25, and more……)
Non of them activate Office 2013 pro plus on Win 8 pro x64.
MTK 2.4.8 activate Office 2013 on WIN 7.
Your help will be much appreciated, to activate Office on WIN 8.
Thanks !!!

Answer #1
Sounds like you got a misconfiguration on your Windows. At … Read more...

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