Alternative Rapidpremium kinda service?

February 25th, 2024

First of all, im not advertising anything…
Im tired of paying 1 by 1 host. and get 3 premium monthly is 30usd
i saw so many services, like rapidpremium the provide more than 10 account for just 7.95usd monthly
but their admin is not replying my ticket for 5 days, so i decided to look for others
any have any recommendation for such service, most important is support MU, HF, FS

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Rapidpremium doesn’t allow server leeching I think or else I would have bought one from them.
There’s also Leechpack but they have horribly low bandwidth limits in place.
Are you only gonna use it from home?
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This? :S Edit: Oh , you already know about this, I heard there was also something like getpink?
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yea i mean that
use it for personal only
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