Megaupload Question?

February 28th, 2022

How do other people get their links to stay alive @ megaupload because I uploaded the same album like 3 times and each time it just took my link?
Am i doing something wrong? Like Naming it or something? Put more files with it? IDK?

Answer #1
Did you literally upload the same file (same name, same check sum)?
Answer

mass effect 3 mouse cause the game to suck

February 28th, 2022

hi guys,
need your help i am having with ME3,
i played the game long time, and it worked quite well no problems,
until now, every time i move the mouse left right up or down the game get freeze for a sec
and its really annoying, its happens every time i move the mouse.
i searched for a fix

How to do the S searchbox like here?

February 26th, 2022

I know keyboard events, e.which and charcode for S is 83 but still having troubles getting the right code…
I know how to do the dialog ofc but I need to first get a working code that makes something happen when the users hits S and only like here, eg not when I’m typing here and type s.

Answer #1

Software to crack password?

February 25th, 2022

What software do you guys use to crack password? I’m looking for something that able to crack BitLocker and TrueCrypt Encryption (short length password). Or WinRar /7-Zip password protected.
Answer #1
Possibly none..Most of them either come up with nothing or will take a few years to crack the password and even then they might fail..
If you can’t find …

the back button of google chrome browser does not work!

February 25th, 2022

Please help!
It’s very frustrating!
Thanks in advance

Answer #1
Reinstall google chrome.
If doesn’t work use “Backspace” key on your keyboard.
Answer #2
Thanks…

I sort of need this urgently!

February 24th, 2022

Hi, thanks for taking the time to help! Anywho, I sort of need a serial for this:
I tried using the crack version but for some reason it’s not working. Anyone got a serial I could try?
Please remember that ALL links must be coded, including, but not limited to, e-mail addresses, passwords, and internal links. Coded for you

call of duty black ops (sloved)

February 23rd, 2022

hi having problem with game save. I save game half way trough a level and go back to it later but have to start the level again.
thanks in advance

Answer #1
Click on campagne then press ESC and resume game will apear.… Read more...

Changing/Modifying Windows System Information

February 22nd, 2022

Hi, I need some help or to be precise a tutorial on how to modify/changing Windows System Information . For example , here , a friend of mine post this on his facebook , but when I asked him about it , He never reply my message. Please help me..
Please help me and Thanks alot..[/img]

Answer #1
Customize the …

Windows Updates

February 21st, 2022

I installed Windows XP SP3, I checked Microsoft Website for Updates, I found about 100mb of new updates.
I downloaded then installed all of them.
Now I want to format my PC, so are those updates are still on my PC so I needn’t redownload them ?
Where are they exactly ? so I can copy them to other drive

firefox-cant see history

February 19th, 2022

how do i fix firefox history?
when i go to history-show all history.. it opens a window where i dont see anything..
when i try to search there – nothing
how to fix it?

Answer #1
if you are using the “clear private data” tab, then all history will be cleared,
unless you untick “browsing history”
does that help?
Answer

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