which card is better 550 ti or 550 ti FPB

October 31st, 2021

What does FPB mean anyways. I have the 550 ti but I would like to change to 550 ti FPB if its any better. Current:
Not current card I have:

Answer #1
You linked identical cards with the exception to brand and one having FPB. Therefore, the FPB is “should” be slightly better. Plus I like EVGA over … Read more...

Any anti virus for ubuntu (linux)

October 30th, 2021

Any anti virus for ubuntu (linux)
if any body know that please reply me i m waiting

Answer #1
You dont really need an antivirus for linux since very few viruses are out there for it. Linux is not like Windows and cant run executables unless you use Wine to run them and even if the executables you run are … Read more...

auto email forwarding

October 30th, 2021

is there anyway I can set up something up that all emails sent to an address are forwarded to another address? I have the email log ins but don’t actually have the account details to set it up with the provider.
Anything I can do?

Answer #1
Whatever email you have, just make sure you have email forwarding enabled. Take … Read more...


October 29th, 2021

i just downloaded crysis and its like 6 GB and when i try to burn to a dvd wich is like 4 gb nero keeps telling me. that there is not enough space put a new cd in with more space. how do i put it on 2 separate cds? cause i dont have a 6 gb dvd
Answer #1

Unlocking U700

October 28th, 2021

Anyone got any idea how to do it?
ive tried alls orts of codes and it comes up network lock : password mismatch.
is there any software that can handle this easier?

Answer #1
Our own official 3g Unlockers can help you remotely
they can also unlock/debrand directly for you. Look under samsung models for more information.… Read more...

DVD help required.

October 27th, 2021

I have a non virus/trogen/etc infected pc. Its all clean.
My dvd player will play game cd’s/dvd’s but when I put in a clean genuine dvd to watch such as “Lord of the Rings” my drive won’t see the dvd or play it!
(drive set to region 2 – as are the dvd’s I’m trying to play)
Vista update tells

I am Keen to learn English Speaking & writing

October 26th, 2021

i know its kinda off topic subject So i am apologising for that in advance
Well I am from India & these days wherever i go for the job interview they ask me if i can deal with there company clients in English if yes then so they will think about hiring me. & thats my main problem i can

5.1 Audio Music Collection Source

October 25th, 2021

Hello everyone.I am searching for 5.1 Audio Music collections.If you know any good source where i can find songs and music videos with 5.1 Audio then please reply.
Thank you

Answer #1
You would have a hard time finding these. Music is almost always recorded in Stereo (2CH)
5.1 is more common with Movies. Some AV receivers and sound cards … Read more...

Megaupload question

October 24th, 2021

[quote=Megaupload]TOS Compliance
No awards will be given to users whose files violate our terms of service.[/quote]
Does this mean if they find a file that violates their TOS they take away your points?

Answer #1
Once you have been given them, I don’t think they take them away.
Answer #2
okay, thanks
Answer #3
Once you have been given them,

Need help with a netbook recommendation

October 23rd, 2021

I’m a maniac with desktops, but my laptop thing isn’t up to scratch.
I need something that is similar or better than a Asus 1101 HA.

Answer #1
I’m looking to buy a 10″ Netbook, and from what I can see they are all pretty much the same.
I’m leaning towards the ACER, as my wife has their 15″ laptop … Read more...

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