Can Somebody Tell Me The Name Of This Song

February 29th, 2024
I need to know the name of this song it brilliant somebody please help me.

Answer #1
How it Ends by Devotchka
Answer #2
Thank you Alot .…

[SOLVED]how often should i take a break playing the 360?

February 29th, 2024

how often should i take a break when playing it to avoid overheating? and should i buy a fan thing you attach to the 360? if so where can i get one?
Answer #1
how often should i take a break when playing it to avoid overheating? and should i buy a fan thing you attach to the 360? if Read more...

Can someone help me find MW2 sounds

February 28th, 2024

anyone with the game installed on pc do you have a directory withs ounds?..ive been lookin for the smetext grenade beep beep beep then rapid beep..i think it would be a great text tone..
would be greatly appreciative

Answer #1
The sounds for MW2 aren’t in MP3 or a playable format. I just checked in my Steam folder.
Answer #2

Help boost my Dell inspiron with core i5 2nd gen processor

February 26th, 2024

my dell inspiron fails to inspire even with a core i5 2 nd generation processor and 4GB RAM
i have installed pc boost and superram from this elite forum but no joy!
please advise

Answer #1
more info is needed, how do we know what “slow” means. slow at booting ? slow at loading files?
Answer #2
Add more memory. …

VMware Workstation 6.5 problem

February 25th, 2024

I’m using VMware workstation 6.5 ….
I’m using it on an old P4 1.6 pc… to run my IpCop’s …
it has 128 + 512 ram … And Windows XP SP2 …
each IpCop has 32mb ram…
But after I start the first one… i can’t start the next one …. wtf!
In preferences… the amount of ram vmware is

Alternative Rapidpremium kinda service?

February 25th, 2024

First of all, im not advertising anything…
Im tired of paying 1 by 1 host. and get 3 premium monthly is 30usd
i saw so many services, like rapidpremium the provide more than 10 account for just 7.95usd monthly
but their admin is not replying my ticket for 5 days, so i decided to look for others
any have any

Movie Organiser

February 23rd, 2024

Hey does anybody know of a way of displaying mkv rips so they are easily selectable .ie iTunes..
I know you can do it the long way in KMPlayer but to be honest i can’t be arsed to do that, I just though there might be something that would do the job.

Answer #1
Im not sure I understand what …

[Solved] VMware question about hard drives

February 23rd, 2024

So I have installed mac os x on vmware and everything is working fine except I don’t see any of my files stored on my hard drives I want to see all my files from all my partitions in my mac
Please let me know if its possible or not,if yes then how to do it

Answer #1
Only …

DVD ISO to multiple CD-r

February 22nd, 2024

I downloaded a Sims 3 ISO and its only for DVD
I have no dvd burner, so I was wondering if there was any program I could use to span the installer to multiple CD-rs? so when it finished installing from one CD, it would say “Please insert CD2” or something like that?
Im getting the game for my Gf’s

Rapidshare Downloads

February 20th, 2024

Hey anyone knows about a way to download from rapidshare as premium or an easier and faster way to download from there? I was borrowing a friend’s premium account but for some reasons i can’t anymore… If anyone knows easy ways or a good software to download torrents at full speed of my connection i´┐Żll appreciate.
Answer #1
I could …

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