Hook 15 pin laptop to Hdmi/Component TV

September 30th, 2016

I have a older laptop and it doesn’t have hdmi out. Only the 15 pin hookup. Now my tv unfortunately only has a USB/HdMI/complement. I know those cheap 15 pin to Hdmi eBay cables do not work. What’s the best way? I got the laptop free and formatted it and pretty much set it up to download and watch movies Read more...

Scroll Wheel

September 29th, 2016

Recently, my computer doesn’t respond to the scroll wheel. I have a Logitech MX 518 mouse and it does not work on that. Everything was running fine last night.
I also tested using a Dell mouse and another wireless mouse and it doesn’t work on there either, so I’m strongly thinking that it’s not the mouse. I have the latest

audio does not work

September 29th, 2016

[QUOTE=bigmike04;1274301]i have windows xp. all i did was that i formatted the computer and i forgot to back up the drivers. with that being said, the sound or the audio does not work anymore. so i am getting no audio sound at all. so i just used everrest and the specs etc is just below. here is a screen shot Read more...

How to check other forums if they are safe for sharing

September 28th, 2016

I just did a whois search but it does not give me enough info.
How do guys know if you found another forum and wants to register and share there but not sure they are/nt government/anti-piracy organisations ?

Answer #1
well my first guess would be…try the forum lol….
not really sure how else you can check that
Answer #2

Deleted Sent Items

September 27th, 2016

i was surprised that all of my sent items in my yahoo mail account
is all deleted
i just checked it last night.and
still i review all my sent messages..
and now it’s gone..
what cause the problem because i dont remember that i delete it manually.
any possible way to recover those messages…

Answer #1
Go to the …

[SOLVED] HDMI 9 – 12 Meters Cable – will it work?

September 25th, 2016

Hi guys
I just bought Samsung 32″ LED TV (4 Series) and want to connect my PC to it via HDMI.
I need 9 – 12 Meters cable HDMI-HDMI cable.
Some of my friends told me that I will face problem in data transfer on such long cable.
I want you guys to help me out if 9 – 12

Help SVN

September 24th, 2016

I have a question
Are Syncro SVN Client v4.0 and TortoiseSVN 1.5.5 released are same or other things. Please provide me any link to download TortoiseSVN 1.5.5 released
Thanks in advance.

Answer #1
1. they do effectivly the same thing, but are made by different people
3. welcome to
4. consider reading the rules
5. please do …

how can i download this video

September 23rd, 2016

how can i download this video or can someone download and uploaded it for me http://music.pluggedin.com/video/3565140736/Next_Year
Answer #1
Maybe this will help you
Answer #2
Maybe this will help you
yea thanks…

whats the name of this book Architectual drawing

September 23rd, 2016

anybody have any idea on the name of this book. And I already asked the guy if he knew.

Answer #1
Google has scanned a huge number of books. What you might do is take some unique text, put it in quotation marks and do a Google search.… Read more...

web pages to kindle

September 21st, 2016

whats the best or differents to convert web pages to kindle? i dont have wi-fi on my kindle by the way so it will be converted by my pc
Answer #1
Although i’m not 100% sure i reckon calibre should be able to do it.http://calibre-ebook.com/
Answer #2
Site is in beta and untested by me:
https://cloudconvert.org/html-to-azw3

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