Kis 2010

July 31st, 2022

i noticed uninstall take awhile & seem kasperky is scanning every unistall program.
anyway i can disable this option ?

Answer #1
Just disable kaspersky while you uninstall something, that is the way I do it if kaspersky comes in the way of something.
Other wise got to settings > Threats and exclusions > exclusions > Trusted applications > … Read more...

Madden 08 no dvd patch

July 31st, 2022

can sum1 supply me with the patch please, dwnloaded the vitality patch but dosnet work
thnx xx

Answer #1
Did you already searched on
Answer #2
Try this mate:
Good luck ^_^
Answer #3
cheerz guys
xx…

Food Spoilage

July 30th, 2022

I’m guessing this perhaps may not be the best place to ask this
But I had a frozen bag of carrots, peas, and corn that was left out of the freezer for about 2 days
By the time I realized that it has all been defrosted and felt like it was at room temperature It smells like defrosted vegetables (or


July 29th, 2022

Well, I’m transferring a different amount of files (74.6GB) to another one of my SATA II drives (both are SATA II’s and Western Digital). The transfer speed is varying from 37MBPS – 42.3MBPS. I thought the speed should be about 3GB/s — Am I wrong?
Answer #1
Yep ..Ya Wrong.. 3GB/s Unlees U have a Super Computer…Lol
Answer #2
Sorry, …

Problem maybe my system hangs randomly….reason possibly ps

July 27th, 2022

well i had to change my PSU since the previous one wasn’t working. now i have “COOLER MASTER”
CM 350 plus and i think it is the reason for my system hangs. It hangs Randomly at anytime and have to restart my PC.
AMD phenom ii X4 B55 processor
Giga-byte Tech M68MT D3
4GB DDR3 Kingston RAM

Help w/ DVD authoring adding language keeping original menu

July 27th, 2022

Help with DVD authoring adding 1 language 2 substitle
keeping original menu
what software do this?

Answer #1
Answer #2
convertxtodvd is what you need.
Answer #3
Yeah, dvdfab is good, never had a problem with it.
Answer #4
ok but how do I do it?
I have an original dvd which is in Spanish language. … Read more...

What is the safest way to record desktop?

July 25th, 2022

I know fraps can’t work in windows 8/8.1 anymore since DMW is not supported which I liked so is there any that is good but cheap to record a desktop with. Must be atleast able to record at 1080p.
Answer #1
Camtasia Studio ?
Answer #2
Snagit is a popular one too..
But Camtasia might be better for what you … Read more...

I’m Thinking Of Going SLI

July 25th, 2022

And I need some help.
I’ve got about �200 maybe �250 I can spend.
I’m thinking of getting two cards running in SLI together.
The things I wanna know are:

    -What cards can I get in my budget and how much will the two of them cost?
    -How do I connect the two together so they work in SLI?

help! error code : 0xE0000227

July 24th, 2022

please help me my pc don’t have sounds
Answer #1
remove old drivers usig device manager and re-install using device manager method
Answer #2
Moved from Appz to Helpdesk.
Answer #3
According to reports it’s a Realtek audio driver conflict with a Microshaft audio driver.
Disable and uninstall by right clicking on " UAA High Definition Audio Bus Driver for Read more...

What’s the best firewall/antivirus for 450mhz PC w/ 98 S.E.

July 23rd, 2022

He needs the BEST ones that dont hog resources
Answer #1
Answer #2
Answer #3
Nod32 Smart Security or if you want a freeware try Avira AntiVir Personal with Comodo Firewall
Answer #4
Answer #5
Definitely Nod 32.
Answer #6
surely norton antivirus 2009
Answer #7
I reccomend Avira free…
Answer #8
1 KG TNT..…

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