[URGENT HELP] Why is cannot install Windows 7 on my X120e?

March 31st, 2014

I have got X120e from my college with ubuntu 11.04 installed. But my half of softwares dont work on this Lunix OS so decided to install windows 7, downloaded officially as i have keys for activation.
I used USB drive to install, Windows 7 setup sucessfully started on booted up from USB. Than deleted all partitions than made new partions

Where can I download covers like these for free

March 31st, 2014

Where can I download DVD covers/DVD disc covers like these for free
DVD covers


DVD disc covers
I tried to download them but it won’t Let me download beacause I need buy credits using paypal.
Does any1 know any sites that does covers like that for free
I really want those Only fools and horses

How Dose Dippin’ Dots Factory Create Ice Cream Drops ?

March 29th, 2014

How Dose Dippin’ Dots Factory Create Ice Cream Drops ?
i really want to know how Dippin’ Dots factory do it . because it is so hard to make a lot of ice cream drops so perfectly at same time and drop them all into liquid nitrogen . i mean whats type of machines they use and what dose each

PS3 Jailbreaking on 3.72

March 29th, 2014

Hey guys noticed that there is a new jailbreak firmware for the 3.72 is this real?
I just want to beable to download the games and install to the harddrive but I updated to 3.72 official firmware as soon as I got my new PS3 so..

Answer #1
always check at trusted sites for jailbreaking updates.
Answer #2
i …

Splash intro page

March 29th, 2014

Hey guys,
Well been looking on the forums and cant seem to find any posts on splash templates,
Like a page you have to click enter on and imput you’re age before you can enter the site etc..
I’m looking to try and create my own, where it plays a intro video, and then a “Enter site” button appears

Windows 7 driver dc7100

March 29th, 2014

hello every one i need this vga driver plz help me i am wating
Answer #1
i think i am wasting my time no one there who can help me plz if any good person there plz give me downloadable links i am wating i am really needed
Answer #2
check it
Answer #3
not working
Answer #4
k …

Google Music BSOD

March 29th, 2014

I downloaded the MusicManager software that Google Music requires. If I try uploading any music, the computer locks up and BSOD. I have tried adding individual folders and multiple folders.
I also tried in safe mode but it still blue screens. I reinstalled the program but same problem.
Windows 7 64bit – SP1
3.0ghz dual-core

Answer #1
Sorry …

Nokia 6700 security code

March 29th, 2014

Hello all..
I have forgot my old phones security code on the Nokia 6700. Is there any way i can restore it to fabrik? Or change the passworld.
Thanks in adance !

Answer #1
12345 This is the default security code on most Nokia Cell phones
Answer #2
Yes ive tried that pass, dosent work .…

Looking for a site that indexes an up to date Rapidleeches ?

March 29th, 2014

Hello guys,
I’m looking for a site that indexes up to date rapidleeches, as you know rapidleeches die quickly and such an up to date site would be quite usefull.
Do you know any of such sites ?
Thx in advance.

Answer #1
#3.7 I It is forbidden to double post on the board. It means that you are … Read more...

TIF to Word converting help

March 29th, 2014

hello friends i have some doubt for changing format

this docment is .tif how to change notepad or Word format ill try lof of softwares but not get good output which software compartable for this work can anyone know Please tell me
and anyother idea also share me
Thank U

Answer #1
It’s not a “document” it’s an image.…

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