patch civ 5

February 17th, 2021

How can i get a patch for my downloaded civ 5 game.
Since it’s not registered on steam, i doesnt auto-update.
And im looking for about 50 min now and i a havent found a single site that has this patch ( for downloading.

Answer #1
yeah mate got the same problem, sick of research agreements stuffing up.
If you’ve …

Total Video Converter Subtitles

February 15th, 2021

I downloaded a movie and subtitles from a separate site, i tried to convert the movie using total video converter and also wanted subtitles in the movie file, so after it converted, i transfered the video to my psp and the subtitles werent there?
Answer #1
Oh come one everybody, you can do better than that… Read more...

Burning PS2 Games?

February 15th, 2021

Im trying to burn a PS2 game but alcohol doesnt work for me, it just tells me to insert a blank DVD even when there is one in any other programs i can use?
Answer #1
try ashampoo burning studio
Answer #2
Ultimate CD/DVD burner, works everytime for me.

If not, it could be your DVD rw drivers.
Answer

Windows XP SP3 Seven Lite Acronic

February 13th, 2021

I downloaded it and it is in russian. I dont know russian and i have found the lanauge file where it is located:
http://~ Disallowed image host ~/24dndpu.jpg
How would i replaced it to english?
Thank you

Answer #1
you should be able to download different languages through a update and be able to choose language packs… i know on … Read more...

Best desktop clock / calendar?

February 13th, 2021

Anyone know what is currently the best desktop clock / calendar, and why? In terms of looks, simplicity, customizability. I prefer one that looks simple and looks good with a black / dark theme. And I want it always showing on my desktop. Any recommendations or screenshots? Thanks.
BTW: I’m on WinXP.

Answer #1
Active Desktop Calendar
Answer #2
Have …

[SOLVED]Photoshop Learning

February 12th, 2021

hi friends
i am new Photoshop. I want to learn Photoshop but i don’t know where need to start? i am also downloaded Tutorial CS6 but i don’t know basic tools so little hard for me!

Answer #1
Since W-BB search is down, I can’t find you any links but Deke McClelland’s ‘Photoshop CS6 One-on-One’ series is a good … Read more...

Is Such A Thing Possible?

February 10th, 2021

I have a Windows 8.1 tablet in which I want to be able to connect to my home movie collection on my PC (or my Media Player) so I can watch movies on my tablet anytime anywhere. Can it be done?
Answer #1
I cant see why not… U should be able to connect to any exteranal drive if it … Read more...

Anywhere to download Movie Extras?

February 9th, 2021

Is there any site that uploads dvd extras? I’ve been looking for these but haven’t had any luck. I see mostly just the movie uploaded. I have never seen anyone upload the extras from the movie like director, actors talking/commentary.
Answer #1
search for DVDR mate. you will also find that some uploads do have directors commentary as an extra … Read more...

How to send large files

February 9th, 2021

What program do I need to send a large file to a friend?? about 25mbs. Yousendit won’t work..
Answer #1
Can’t you just put on a host and give it that way.
You can password protect it if worried.
You could also delete it once they have it anyway.
25MB is nothing to a host that most upload 1GB files.… Read more...

Trying To Print A Big Block Poster Need Help

February 8th, 2021

I got a new printer today to print a block poster 25 full color pages only got 13 full color 300 dpi pages the I got a msg that said the color cartridge was low only 13 pages really. I blew through 2 cartridges trying to print this block poster if I would have not close the program out when Read more...

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