Will BT Upgrade My Line?

April 24th, 2018

My internet speed is pathetic.
I have found on the BT website a new feature that allows you to see how fast your broadband will be if you sign up with them.
This is my (and my neighbour’s) results:
Will I be able to phone BT to get an engineer to upgrade the line and how much will it be (estimated)?

Answer #1
Im am not based in the uk , but after having conducted the line test , once you ring them they will explain the speed avaialable to you and any limits / caps that may apply , just remember if you have any monitored alarms / sky plus or hd mention it to them at the time as they can create issue on occasion . ringing them is the best option , ask them if they have any “special offers” currently you never know what you will get by chancing your arm xD

BT Broadband Packages
BT Broadband Information is a site designed to aid consumers in their search for home broadband services in the UK
Your Broadband options
* Up to 8Mb download speed
* UK Evening & Weekend calls included
* 10Gb monthly user allowance
"from 7.95 they say* its really 15.95 once the offer lapses verify this on the telephone

even with that basic service of 7-95- 8.00(promotional offer normally 15.99) , 10 gig limit is natuarly a pile of crap , no point pretending it isnt , find out from there about a higher limit .
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Answer #2
I pay �7.50 with o2, uncapped downloads, highest speed available to my line. free router and free support number.
Answer #3
iConquest only use BT as a last result even then use Plusnet Bt bought them out but good if your not heavy dl and have good support. Like the above poster 02/Be ftw followed by virgin (although cable give access to newsgroups) and sky.
Also line quality in terms of noise and attenuation and distance come into play with adsl.
Answer #4
I feel your pain iConquest i am a BT user, I am paying for 8MB but my location only supports 3.5MB and I am getting 125KB/s max which it not even funny And i am a big downloader, you dont even what to know how long i have bin downloading this film for lool
Do you think i would get faster speed if a rang up and complained
Answer #5
i dont think so m8, get a satelite connection
Answer #6
but there realy expensive lol


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