Video image fill the screen ?

October 15th, 2016

hi ,,,,,
I am Encoding video with 640�272 resolution (axxo) from avi to mp4 with megui , What i want know is how i can let mp4 image fill the screen , I don’t want the black bars on top and bottom , i want my output video Like the videos we watch in the TV , there is no black bars on top and bottom

Answer #1
You need to set that from the player you’re using not from the encoder.
Answer #2
You will have to see it through your media player. Players like VLC are easy to view in ful screen, just double click on the video while playing. You will need to encode it right to get the right resolution to make sure no black lines appear, this can be different for different TV though
Answer #3
this is mp4 for streaming in the internet not to watch in my PC , Exactly like youtube video IF you click fullscreen so the image fill the screen with out black bars on top and bottom ,
this is what i want know , how ?


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