Unable to install connectify hotspot

November 20th, 2017

I’m trying to install this on win 8 but I got this messages after reboot and never ending process. Please help me asap.

Answer #1
Answer #2
He is not asking how to install. He asking how to fix his problem he is having during the installation.
Since it does said “error during driver install”. Maybe some other program that are running in the background is interfering with the installation. Try disable them. Like AV or anything is running.
Answer #3
Or .. if you are running something like ccleaner that is set to delete temp files on shutdown, it could be removing the temp installation files it is looking for on the reboot.
Answer #4
try running the installer with silent mode
"ConnectifyInstaller.exe" /S
Answer #5
Which version you’re trying to install?
If less than 9 then it’s useless to install because they’re no longer working.


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