[SOLVED] iPhone 3G or 3GS?

August 5th, 2016

i have an iPhone 3G…well it think i do anyway
im about to jailbreak and (unlock – not really necessary for me though), but on the dev-team blog it states that redsn0w will not work on the 3GS model.
how can i be sure that my phone is 3G and not 3GS?
im quite sure that it is 3G, but id just like to make sure, as i dont want to damage it or anything.
thanks a lot
appreciate it!!

Answer #1
Unless you bought your iphone since the 19th of june, it isn’t a 3GS
Answer #2
look on the back
i believe it will say iphone 3gs
someone confirm?
also, the above post is correct as well
Answer #3
Go to settings > General > About
As long as you know you haven’t personally upgraded your OS if it is a iPhone 3G. If your version says 3.0 it is usually a iPhone 3GS. But it will also say on the back of the iPhone.
Answer #4
Can it make movies? Tap on the camera app, and see if there is a switch in the bottom right. If there is, it’s a 3gs, if there isn’t, it’s a 3g
Answer #5
thank you all very much.
i have successfully determined that it is an iPhone 3G.
will be able to use redsn0w now!!


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