Set up wireless speed with Net Limiter

November 24th, 2013

Anyone knows how can I set a limit on the wireless I got at home by using Net Limiter please ?
The issue is that I got my pc connected with cable and my sister connects to the wifi to use internet and when she does my internet literally dies. I finish downloading with 200kb/s max when normally I download with 1.5 mb/s
I know I had did it before but can’t remember how so any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance !

Answer #1
Need to set QOS in your router.
Answer #2
Any other opinions please ?
Wireless still eating my connection
Answer #3
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liondenPost text hidden —
Upgrade your connection and enable QoS.
Alternatively you could just kill your sister.
Answer #4
QoS is just for giving certain speed to desired applications and not limit the router/wireless speed….


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