RecoverMyFiles v5.2.1(1964) Evaluation started scanning…

December 21st, 2017

So I accidently (I am sure it wasn’t my fault) quick format my 1.5 TB hard disk. A lot of stuff are usuless (like movies and such), but some stuff were really interesting…
So I started scanning with this free evaluation copy of RMF. Is there any serial that I could use after I have finished the scan so I could recover them? I have attached the HDD via USB which will probably cost me 3 -4 days scanning (rough calculations). I’m thinking of canceling the scan and dismantle the HDD and insert it inside via SATA (which would be quicker). I’m guessing the time would decrease to 10-14 hours scanning (another rough calculation)?
Anyways, back to the main-question:
Will RMF do the job? Anything else I could use? I’m confident the HDD could be recovered (only quick format has been used upon the disk).
Thanks in advance… … .

Answer #1
ive used test disk worked wonders for me, recovered .exe, images, video, docs, etc.
Answer #2
never tried RMF, but have had good luck using “Recuva” and it’s free
Answer #3
thanks guys
@recuva = piriform? Mostly known by CCleaner…
Got any thoughts about why there are so many different programs if they all do the same? I cancelled RMF and started iCare Data recovery software (freeware) before I bumped on these two apps above me…
Answer #4
why there are so many different programs
they are not all equal, some MIGHT do better than others or offer more types of scans
Answer #5
Allright thanks…
I discovered the iCare is limited to 2 GB… it was almost completed… Cancelled that shizzle.
Will give recuva a run. Any suggestions or tips about this software? I already started and enabled the “deep scan” option.
Answer #6
I deleted teh scan with Recuva (it did not show me any maps or folderpath)… I am trying now with Remco Recovery software…


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