Recommend a laptop.

November 30th, 2016

Recommend a laptop.
the OS doesn’t really bother me, what bothers me is the battery life.
Is the chromebook any good?
What would YOU get?!

Answer #1
Chrome books are no where near laptops, get an ultrabook. They have the intel processors, battery lasts for like 6-7 hrs, (can watch a 3 hour movie with full battery), and is very light(1.5kg). I’m using a samsung series 5 touch ultrabook. Its pretty good if you ask me.
Answer #2
I had a samsung series 5 laptop with 8gb of ram, jbl speakers and a 1tb hdd powered by an i5 core CPU.
The battery life sucked. It wasn’t touch screen though. I’m thinking of getting a samsung chromebook, up to 10 hours battery life.
Or even better (please don’t hate!) a MacBook Air with 13 hours battery life.
Answer #3
Surface RT same battery life as the chrome book with a close to full os and office 2013
Answer #4
@, the macbook air and the samsung series 9 has pretty good battery life, but its almost like 3-4 hours of battery if you are watching a movie. Both of them are like $400 more than the book5, so they better be good
The chromebook dosnt seem that powerful to match the ultrabooks. Its more like to be used if you use a lot of cloud.
The reason why I bought this laptop is for its look , plus its [i/]light[/i] and I need windows to run some apps I use at work.
The surface gives me that tablet feeling, but few of my coworkers use it and I think they really like it. But I have to say, the battery never lasts for 10 hours.
Answer #5
How about an Asus Transformer? The T300 looks pretty awesome – also you’d have the benefit of having a pc and tablet in one ^^
Answer #6
Yeah but it’s running android, forget that.
The RT on PC worlds website says 8 hours. I was looking at this;
Looks pretty damn good and 11 hours battery life. What you guys think?
Answer #7
The battery, removable dock, thats pretty good for the price.
But is Atom powerful enough if I some how want to run something like photoshop?? Also 64GB is not enough for me.
Check out their TX300, battery on tablet mode is 8hrs, 5hrs with dock and the specifications are the same as a good laptop.
Answer #8
Quad core with 2GB ram, should run photoshop easy. Only thing I’ll be using it for is streaming music (spotify) and movies (xbmc) and Internet browsing. There’s another one on eBay brand new for 250. Seriously considering getting it.
Answer #9
i would suggest you to buy netbook they long last for 6-8 hours
Answer #10
Nope, I don’t want a netbook.


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