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June 9th, 2018

I am new to IRC, but love the possibilites. I have found a decent channel for books (#bookz) but if anyone knows of others that would be great. I am really looking for channels that specialize in magazines. If you know any please let me know the server and the channel name.
Thank you.

Answer #1
The IRC has been down for ages man.
Answer #2
any facebook page of ware-zz?
Answer #3
any facebook page of ware-zz?
No the forum () doesn’t have any social media pages or groups, any that exist are all unofficial and are not run by any Staff Members.
Answer #4
Thank you for the responses!! If anyone does use IRC or knows of any avenues specifically for magazines, I would greatly appreciate the info.
Answer #5
irc used to be the thing back in the early internet days, as was usenet/news servers (not certain but this may still be viable but doubt it). irc had a heavy learning curve, like learning a new dos commands. for that reason it died hard, meaning that people that took the trouble and were comfortable using it did not want to give it up. there are just way too many click and go, zero learning curve options for mass usage of irc. clearly you are interested and some die hards are as well, so there is probably some content. Try searching and asking irc users, on irc your questions, i.e. go to the source. I used to get via groups that released solely via irc, which then were disseminated by private ftp servers.
edit: don’t dismiss news servers out of hand. I got a free earthlink dialup membership soley for their good news servers. I logged on via roadrunner (high speed), and had access to every kind of content, in every language… it was excellent!
Answer #6
thanks pazuzu
Answer #7
; not sure but it’s worth a mention. you might wanna check out freenode, they have A LOT of channels, they can help find the best channels for your needs.


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