NAS server for RapidShare downloading?

August 16th, 2017

Hey there guys.
I got a little idea today – I’m dreaming about some kind of a NAS server or “network harddrive box” for using along with RapidShare.
To give you a brief idea of what i am talking about, the actualy product who gave me the idea was this:
The way I understand it, it is some kind of a box that I plug a harddrive into, and then acts as a fileserver I can connect through both through lan, but also through the internet when im sitting at a friends’, in school or even in some other country.
Also, it supports acting like a webserver, downloadserver (http, rapidshare, bittorrent and stuff) – all together, a very nifty little thing in my opinion.
Now to my actual question – have any of you guys out there, got any experiences with such kind of things? Does it work, is it worth the money, how does it work with RapidShare, and most important – which of these many different boxes is best for the price? (im a poor student, so I want something which is working, while it is still as cheap as possible)
Thanks a lot,
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Where are you, if in the UK, search dabs.
I’d personally go for the ICY BOX IB-NAS4220-B
Use that link to read up on it, has looooooots of features, including SAMBA (great for XBMC), two USB ports (can add existing USB HDs to it as well as printers if you want), built in BT. As for rapidshare, you’d probably need a third party firmware (with probably any NAS out there).
You can get cheapo ones for like 30 pounds…
Another edit….:
I wouldn’t advise Sumvision, I bought 3 (at the same time) and each one had a different fault after a few weeks.
Answer #3
i am fairly new here & may not fully comprehend the reply guideline, so correct me if i am out of line. however i thought of sharing & discussing this matter further with fellow members if allowed.
i am also in the market for a personal NAS server & this is what i found: i hope to get expert advices from fellow members better acquainted with this matter.
i am planning on getting the RND2150 – then pull out the 500GB & put 2 x 1TB drives – any thoughts or input please?
with this setup, my RS account could be constantly maxed out.


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