How to Install OS X El Capitan from downloaded DMG file

April 29th, 2018

Hello folks! I download OS X El from torrent b/c I tried like ten times from Mac app store and it failed downloading every single time. Now, I’ve .dmg file in my windows PC. So, what steps should I take in order to install to my Macbook Pro?!
Someone please tell the detailed guide. PM ME, kindly!
Thank you in anticipation.

Answer #1
Google is your friend.
Answer #2
Moving -
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Answer #3
As far as I know, you can’t. You need to burn it to disk using a Mac. But you can try PowerISO, it has a DMG burner.
Answer #4
Follow the guide here (the guide is for Yosemite and I know its a Mac) but you only need to follow the part about restoring DMG (you will need to leave a FB like to read the guide unfortunately), for the TransMac part just download it and use the trial version
Answer #5
Use Alcohol 120, and then use the Image Burning. Install it on Mac and it should work for you. You can do this on your windows, I did it and it worked on a program for me.
Answer #6
Transmac, just used it a few weeks ago. Free trial I believe or maybe I found it here.


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