How do you play pirated games on a PS2?

October 9th, 2016

I was wondering how one goes about modding the PS2 appropriately so that burnt games are playable? Note that I don’t want to make backups of games I already have; I want to download them from, say, , burn them to a disc, and then play them that way. Can someone give me a coherent guide (which I could not find on Google, by the way) or a step-by-step process? Note that I have the NTSU (I don’t know if that’s the right acronym; I have a north American fat (not slim) PS2).

Answer #1
the best way would be modchip , i still have my ps2 with modchip works fine , softmod i never tried , i don’t know if its safe .
i prefer modchip to play backup
Answer #2
Google is your friend
Answer #3
You have a cupple of ways to do this:
1. Swap Magic 3.6 disk with slide card or knife trick.
2. Modchip such as Matrix Infinity or Modbo series.
3. ESR via FMCB memory card exploit with DVD-V patched game disks.
4. Memento 32 memory card with DVD-V patched game disks.
5. and finally the exploit installer which you use a original PS1 trigger disk.
These days its realistic if you use Swap Magic 3.6 since its cost effective and is garranteed to work. The only problem with SMD and the other solutions without a modchip is DVD-9 games.


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