Creating an Windows Live Gaming OFFLINE Account

March 19th, 2018

Could I pretty please get a direct link to create an OFFLINE windows live gaming account?? thanks
Answer #1
you don’t need a link, install games for windows live on your pc and create your account there
Answer #2
You create an account in-game. Kind of weird, tbh.
Answer #3
thanks, will try
still not too sure how to do it in the game…
could someone please post some steps as to how i can do this??
thanks again
Answer #4
i get some the games here witch dont have serials after you create an account an sign in it ask for the serial number for the game..i was trying all day yesterday…im jus screwed cuz i bought GTA but then i changed my gamertag an my windows live id stood as my other name so i wasnt gettin achievements so i made a new one an when i did i cept running into this serial prob since i been gettin new pc games from here..i hope someone can help him cuz this whould help me greatly..
please an thank you
Answer #5
Bumping this as I also have no clue.
Answer #6
when in game pres home on you’re keyboard then it should be easy BTW what kinda game are you trying to play
Answer #7
Step 1
Hit Home on keyboard and select Create an Account
Step 2
Scroll down until you read something like “local account” (it should be underlined), click that
Step 3
Step 4
Have fun =D
Answer #8
I think you need version 2.0 to create and offline profile, theres a topic on here somewhere with it on/
Answer #9
tHANK YOU so much

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