Can’t mount a .dmg file in mac osx

January 5th, 2017

I really, really want to mount this .dmg file so I can install Call of Duty 4, but the default image mounter does not work. It says the file is not “recognized”, which I expected, because that was a warning in the topic that had the download in it. However, I also tried using Toast 10 Titanium as well as the freeware proggie, “Mount Me!”, v2.0.5a. Toast mounts it like a DVD but when I try to open it, all I see are a bunch of files that I don’t know what to do with. Is there anything I can do with these files, maybe compile them somehow into a usable .dmg file?
Mount Me! absolutely refuses to open it. When I drop the .dmg file on MM! it tells me to drop the file on MM! to open it.
If I can’t use Toast, what can I use to mount the image file? I got my mac just over a month ago and I was a serious Windows user for years and years, so all of this is completely new to me, I don’t know anything about the innards of my precious computer.
Can anyone spare some helpful expertise in this? I would really appreciate it.

Answer #1
Just burn it.
Answer #2
I don’t have any DVDs large enough to burn it, do you have any other solutions?
Answer #3
sounds like you have a corrupt image.. try an alternative?
Answer #4
sounds like you have a corrupt image.. try an alternative?
Let me rephrase what I stated in my original post. The topic that I got the game from stated that some common disk image mounting apps would not recognize the .dmg image file, because of the new anti-pirating software. So, basically, I need to know a way around this, whether it be giving me the name of another kind of mounting software to try, or some sort of mac trick, like maybe reformatting the disk image somehow into something else usable. I need to know even the simplest details, because I’m a new Mac user and I don’t know all the ins and outs of it like I do with Windows.


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