Browsing issues

December 25th, 2019

No.1 i’ve cleared the cookies No.2 I’ve ticked the stay logged on box.
So why am I being logged off every 30 minutes or really is getting annoying that I cant stay on the website for a long period,its been happening for about 2 weeks now? Any help please?

Answer #1
if this is happening at z-bb you should fill out a support ticket and explain to them
Answer #2
what browser are you using? and how do you connect to the interwebz? behind a router?
Answer #3
ie8 and via router(wifi mostly)….also if i cant connect it logs me out then as well and i have to wait about 2/3 minutes before it lets me back in…..oh well ive tried everything will just have to put up with it as this is the only site i trust. Thanx anyway.


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