broadband problem – new modem wont pick up net

March 9th, 2018

so ive been helping out my friend with a new modem as his old one crapped out…
i plug it in, add the username an password ect to the modem it reboots an it connects to the network ect, but just wont go online? i rung the ISP an they said its working there end an rebooted the connection (the light is saying its connect on the modem) i did the whole setup over the phone thing so the information shud be correct
somewhere between the telephone pole an the computer its not working, i dont see why it would be connected on the modem an not the computer.. ive tried changing all the cords as well but that didnt work either
the status light is flashing (unfortunately there is no manual for it) so im sure its telling me something…
its a d-link 205t i think just a basic modem for broadband…
any ideas? am i forgetting something? plz help

Answer #1
i guess not lol? cmon anyone whos done this b4?
Answer #2
he have a firewall ?
disable it and see if it works ?
Answer #3
Is that a modem or a router? If it’s a router then there’s all sorts of things that could be wrong or just bugging up. My friends all call me to fix theirs because I have “the magic touch”, and sometimes that’s all it needs. I just keep unplugging leaving it set for a min, turning it back on, restarting, until it finally works. Make sure the firewall is off though, that could be a reason. Install the software that came with it, uninstall, reinstall. Routers can be a royal PITA sometimes.


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