Breaking Bad in 720p but not 2.6 GB per episode?

November 30th, 2016

I have been searching for all seasons of Breaking Bad in 720p but all these files are so big – like 2.6 GB and more.
Like this is way too big for my Internet connection:
Any alternatives and like small episodes in 720p below 1 GB?
Thanks a lot!

Answer #1
Those epidsodes are not 2.6GB each. They are like 1GB or just over like 1.5GB at most. For each Episode. 6 or 7GB per season sounds resonable. For 720p on a Limited NO. Season.
It if to big for you. Just download the Smaller HD files. I play Smaller HD files on my 42inch TV 12 Feet Away, and i can just barely make out the difference from Normal HD to 720p.
Answer #2
Dood, you can make 720p as small as you want, but the quality will suck, lol.
Download SD if you want small file sizes.
Answer #3
It’s a case of balancing the file size with the quality. Lowering the file size will lower the quality to some degree, it’s a question of whether you can notice any difference and if not then it should be okay.
Look for re-encodes, preferably from high bitrate 1080p sources and find something which suits you. m-SD releases can be quite small but the quality is a bit mixed, sometimes terrible and at other times watchable.


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