BATTLEFIELD 3 freezes(no stutters or low frames)

November 29th, 2013

My computer in the signature.
Every time I play the game it just stucks randomly and I must force-close it using CTRL-ALT-DELETE.
It works for me on highest settings ULTRA smooth.
Please help! I can’t play the game!

Answer #1
put it onto lower settings, and your sorted.
better having smooth performance then higher quality.
Answer #2
I mean it freezes once and the game must be closed by force, you didn’t understand me.
My frames are always smooth, the fps is not the problem.
The game stucks and not responding.
Answer #3
what graphic card do you have…I have GTX 560 Ti and had the same problem…but i fixed it with lowering down the core clock from 900Mhz to 850Maz and don’t have any problems non what so ever…
Answer #4
i see you have gtx 570 OC…well the problem is OC…lower it down…olso dont turn sound booster in the game, options-sound there you will find it…it should fix your problem 99.9%


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