cant log into wbb on firefox laptop!

July 12th, 2018

idk I try to log into my laptop which is windows 7/firefox and it says “you have successfully logged in” blah blah blah but it still says “log in” at top and wont let me do anything on site? anyone know what is causing this? i just installed 7 on it today upgraded from vista…if that has anything to do with it???
Answer #1
Possibly a bad install..clear your cookies..If that didn’t help…Uninstall and reinstall firefox…
Answer #2
Check your cookie settings,Its probably set to disallow em
Answer #3
Firefox has always been useless at password management.. Lolz.. I’ll go Chrome or Safari ;] Still better than FF =)
Answer #4
Maybe something is blocking it… Do u have NoScript installed on it?
Answer #5
this happened also to me yesterday and tried again this morning but after it says log in successful, when I try to go on the search page it goes back to Log in page. I want to use Firefox as it has Flashgot add on. For some reason Flash get I downloaded was only getting one link at a time and that’s annoying especially when you have some 25 links to download.

Converting Blu-ray to DVD

July 12th, 2018

Hi All
Can someone please tell me if there is a piece of software that will Convert and Copy a Blu-ray Disk to 1 DVD please ?.
All I have found will only copy to several DVD’s
Thanks for any help given.

Answer #1
blu-ray is high quality, I can see why it produces more than 1 dvd disk because the size of it. If you want it to a dvd disk you need to cut the quality
Answer #2
EDIT: sorry i misunderstood..try this
Answer #3
Hi Pro Razor
Thanks for your reply.
Yes I have tried this software but it writes to several DVD’s, I want to write to
One DVD if I can.
Thanks again
Answer #4
sorry…i updated my post dude

Can’t Open Case of Compaq Presario S5020AN

July 10th, 2018

I just bought a Compaq Presario S5020AN from my school for NZ$3.30 cos’ they’re getting new computers. It cost me one Mizone ($3.30 from the school canteen). Anyways these are the specs (current):
AMD AthlonXP 2400+ (2.0ghz)
40GB Hard drive
CD-R/W drive
Floppy drive (absolutely essential these days [!])
Windows XP Home
I’m using it right now to write this message. I’m pretty happy with it but I bought it with the intention of taking the RAM from my old computer and adding that in and also adding the old computer’s 80GB HDD with my software and downloaded stuff in as the primary, formatting the 40GB to act as another partition. MY MAIN QUESTION:
I can’t seem to get it open (the Compaq). I undid all the screws and tried pulling (only opens on one side). SECONDARY QUESTIONS:
Any suggestions on what could go wrong?
How to fix these.

Answer #1
post some pics if you can
do you see any buttons or levers near the back ?
seen some that open like a door (on a pivot or hinge)
Answer #2
Thats a pretty good deal. Well you definitely need to post pics for us to see how it could be opened. Because when googling your stuff it shows others that may not be it. Like i found bunch where you clearly see you slide door and it opens.
Answer #3
Hey guys. Sorry, I forgot I posted this. I finally opened the case but inside there were already 2 sticks of RAM (2x 256MB) but the OS only picks up 480MB. Any ideas about that?
I also had another hiccup – there was one slot free but the HDD from my other machine won’t go in because there’s some metal thing there. I can’t remove the current HDD and replace that either because there’s some sort of green harness down the side. It looks like removing it could damage the side panels of the bays so I’m not gonna try. The current HDD slides out about half way before it’s restricted by the harness.
I’ll take some pictures this weekend and post them on. Merry Xmas.
Answer #4
It’s always good to see fellow NZers on .
You’ll find some motherboards simply don’t support much RAM. Sadly, you can’t get around that problem unless you decide to buy another mother board.. And different MOBOs have different types of RAM.. It’s a tricky process. Good luck. Merry Christmas to you too! (Damn it’s hot in NZ!)
Answer #5
If you have an on-board video card it may be using some of that ram.
Answer #6
2 sticks of RAM (2x 256MB) but the OS only picks up 480MB. Any ideas about that?
The “missing” RAM is used by on-board video and therefore, not available to the OS.
Answer #7
i’m planning to add the pics of the harness & stuff later today. thanks for the quick reply on the ‘missing’ ram. i have one more question – will this be able to run Half Life 2 Deathmatch from Steam (legal). The specs are in the starter post except for these corrections:
480MB of DDR RAM (as opposed to 256MB)
32MB integrated graphics, no OpenGL support sadly
5.54GB free hard drive space (with at least another 8GB easily cleared if needed)
Answer #8
lol you got a steal mate.
You can’t run HL2 on it, the graphics isn’t up for the job. O Athlon XP, you can have some fun with it such as overclocking the multiplier by connecting traces of L1 and L2 bridges using a 2HB pencil. Seriously this computer, upgrading isn’t a go, memory is expensive , maybe DDR333.
Video card, AGP and expensive too.
DDR 400 might work, but $65 street price for 1Gb just ain’t worth it, I’m assuming $9 are scams.
Video card, a ATI 3650 AGP might fit at $91.10
Check pricespy.
Answer #9
I don’t really care about the HDD now because I made my own torrent tracker on my local network (uTorrent built-in) so i just move files around with that (~20mb/s faster than other methods for me). I just keep active stuff on this comp’s HDD. I don’t want to build this up anyways. I don’t care about how it is because my good computer should be back in a couple of weeks as soon as my dad gets to work. The DP35DP motherboard is discontinued and Intel haven’t really made anything we deem appropriate so we’re looking at an nForce. So yeah
I finally got around to taking some pics of the harness thing:
This is the whole harness. It’s a pain in the ass but it looks like removing it might break it or do something irreparable to the case or sth.
That’s the hard drive sticking out of the harness / drive bays.

720p video streaming site?

July 9th, 2018

Hi guys,
do any of you know of video hosting sites that allow you to stream in HD? Many of them have an “HD” button in the video, but do not show actual HD video even if the uploaded source was in 720p.
For example, among these video hosts:
Does any one of them allow true HD streaming?
If not, do you know of any others?
By the way, I am not talking about paid sites like hulu or netflix.

Answer #1
Kodi is all you need.
Answer #2
and this add-on pack will make it even better
Answer #3
Thanks, but I think you guys misunderstood me. Or I don’t understand Kodi.
I don’t want to stream from my PC to a TV. I just want to stream new series releases in HD on my laptop without having to download any mkv or mp4 files.
I got spoiled lately because of that.
Can Kodi do that?
Answer #4
Kodi can download or play directly. Everything regarding video playing, Kodi can do it.
You can connect to torrent sites, to streaming services. There is even a plugin for Usenet. Having addon support, Kodi can do a lot of things, and being the most popular software of its kind it has a wide range of different plugins.
In normal situations you do this: install Kodi on your preferred device(Android, iOS, Raspberry pi, banana pi, orange pi etc. etc.), install Genesis and stop; you already have everything you need(for English content at least). Genesis is a plugin that will automatically connect to the streaming site and have the content playing directly.
Answer #5
You don’t download anything with Kodi..
You just select and watch..
Answer #6
Ok, sounds interesting. I’ll check it out, thanks, guys!
I’m still a bit confused though. Does Kodi involve torrents?
Uploading copyrighted stuff (including automatic upload in torrents) is illegal here, whereas strictly downloading for private use isn’t, yet.
So is there any type of uploading component with these add-ons (e.g. genesis)?
Answer #7
I'm still a bit confused though. Does Kodi involve torrents?
Only if you want. Usually you don’t have to touch torrents at all. You need to download a specific not included addon for torrents.
The largest part of addons don’t have torrents support at all.
Answer #8 Something to think bout some movies are hd but never gonna look like a good HQ mkv/MP4 but will look good on a 42″ or under

why is it hard to find a windows 8 pro activator.

July 9th, 2018

as the title suggests, I have noticed that its been close to impossible for me to find an activator for windows 8 professional by reputable well known crackers. is there no activators out there for windows 8 pro?
if not why not? is w8pro some how obselete in the crackers community? who can guide me to a forum link with such content here within ?
kmspico only has activators for windows 8.1 or windows 8 (non pro)
I have found some loaders that claim to be windows 8 pro compatible but are hard to trust do to the lack of recognition and reputation of the cracker teams.

Answer #1
Did you try the sticky topic?
Answer #2
Why would you not update to 8.1?
Answer #3
Besides some minor occommodations and tweaks I find windows 8.1 not to be to different at all from windows 8. The only real thing they improved in was the work flow design and I never had no real problem with my work flow in windows 8.
Not enough of an incentive to go through the trouble of all the extensive process of reinstalling my system, backing up files, updating, and reinstalling all my programs,etc. But to be honest with you, the biggest factor I suppose is because I have yet to find a windows 8.1 professional x64 untouched iso ( not messed with ) that I can download. I prefer untouched iso’s for some weird reason.
and I need the windows 8.1 pro version because it has security features that are crucial for me. , Ill check out the sticky notes, thank you guys for the help. if you guys know where I can find an untouch iso of the above mentioned windows let me kno
Answer #4
8 is no longer supported by Microsoft – it is out of cycle already!
There is the incentive right there.
Answer #5
Windows 8.1 with the November update provides far better performance than Windows 8. Plus, Windows 8 is obsolete now and so, I’d say ditch 8 and go for 8.1 with updates.
What I’d recommend you do is to get the untouched Volume License MSDN versions (verifiable using the hashes listed on MSDN) of Windows 8.1 Pro from:
And then use KMSpico to activate:
The reason in choosing VL over Retail is that KMS emulation/activation plays better on VL.

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