the back-button in searches on page 1

October 13th, 2020

If i use search and get more than 1 page worth of searches.Using Firefox latest version
When i get to my list of searches.
Only on page 1 does this problem occur.
If i left click on the link and then use the back-button
to go back to my search list i now get “Document Expired”
But if i were on Page 2 of my search it would go back to my search list.
Of course I could right click and use open link in new tab on the Page 1 search items.
This was never a problem before and was wondering is this a glitch because of the transition to https.
Page 1 has this glitch for me.
Thank you for listening.

Answer #1
same thing in windows 8 i.e. search results come up then select a result, comes up fine, go back to results list: expired. every time. no big deal but having to do another search every time you check a result creates a heavier load on this server.
edit: not really sure this is the proper thread for this but anyways.
Answer #2
Try this..
Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > and tick “Override automatic cache management”.
Apart from that, there a few things if you Google “firedox gives document expired on first page”.
That’s for general problems, however, I think there might be something funny going on with search.
As the same sort of thing happens to me!
Answer #3
thanks very much for your answers
Much appreciated


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