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December 29th, 2019

Hey guys… Somebody help me please, I’m desperated lol
This has never happened to me before…
All of a sudden, now EVERY video I try to add to my iTunes Library, this error message appears and the program stops working:
I tried running the EXACT same video file (mp4 format) with Quicktime, and this is what happens:
I really don’t know what to do, this never happened before… someone please help me, I can’t live without my videos lol

Answer #1
I googled and got this
I found a solution:
1. Uninstall QuickTime Completely by using the Add/Remove Software Control Panel
2. Browse to Your User directory under C:\Documents and Settings
3. Delete All "QuickTime" Folders under Application Data\Apple Computer and Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer
4. Reinstall Quicktime

Let's try this:
Download and run the latest QuickTime installer from the QuickTime Download Page.
When it asks whether you would like to repair or uninstall, first choose repair.
After it finishes, open the install file again, and this time, click uninstall.
Now try reinstalling QuickTime from that same file, and see if it is fixed.
If that still doesn't work, try using the Windows Install Cleanup Utility to uninstall it.

I had this same problem (Buffer overrun/iTunes has encountered an error). Here's my solution:
Do all the uninstalling and deleting of quicktime files and folders. next: there is a quicktime file in your System32 folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32)delete any and all quicktime files and folders (QuickTime.qts and QuickTimeVR.qtx are what i see). proceed to reinstall an old version of quicktime through installers available at
I spent hours trying to find the solution to this. At one point i rolled back my video card drivers as well (NVidia 8600 GTS), but in the end I'm not sure what was causing the problems, except that QT 7.3.1 *****. I'm running QT 7.2, and iTunes ver. 7.4.0 . I was about to smash my ipod touch had i not gotten iTunes to work, and just buy a Zune!
hope this helps!

I did the following:
1. Removed iTunes with the iTunesSetup.exe uninstaller.
2. Since I couldn't uninstall any QuickTime program, I had to do the next three steps.
a. Delete all files and directories under C:\Program Files\QuickTime
b. Do a Windows search for all files with "quicktime" and delete those files.
c. Using regedit, delete all registry entries under HKEY_Local_Machine/SOFTWARE/Apple Computer, Inc./QuickTime.
3. Run Registry Mechanic to clean up the registry. There were 574 errors found and fixed by Reistery Mechanic, what a great program!
4. The computer was then back to no knowledge of QuickTime. I reinstalled the latest version of iTunes and QuickTime using iTunesSetup.exe.
Things seem to be working fine, for now. Hope this helps someone else.

Hope this helps!!


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