Google Movies

April 3rd, 2021

Anybody know how to either:
record stream from google play movies for desktop pc, or
figure a way of playing or converting and then playing the .wvm files that Google Play saves on Android devices?
I tried already the renaming and playing with MX player, it dont work

Answer #1
It’s encrypted (the reason you have to have an online connection).
The only way I know is to capture the screen while the movie is playing. Bandicam is good at this.
Answer #2
Still they can be viewed offline as well on a android platforms, it downloads a file in .wvm format ( not to b confused with wmv). As they play offline i thought there might be a way to rip it.
Answer #3
Yes they can be played offline but you had to have had an online connection at some point – it was at that point that you got the “key” to decrypt and play the file. There is no current method for removing the DRM as far as I know, other than to screen capture.


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