el wire and laptop

December 30th, 2019

anyone can tell me or show me how could i put EL wire on my laptop around screen or keyboard or whatever.. i also have a laptop cooler .. so even putting el wire on the cooler would be ok
Answer #1
I think it’s personal taste how and where you want to use it. Do want to know where you should wrap the wires best? Because using it on a laptop is pretty tricky since it doesn’t have much space. Wrap If you want to use it on a regular keyboard, see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEW2HjCn0vk. don’t try it on a laptop though :p
Answer #2
thnx for the video ive seen it a year or 2 ago and i know how to do it on normal keyboard anyway..
but you are right about taste.. but i rli dont care where and how aslong as its on the laptop somehow … around over or whatnot aslong as its not in my way to click the keyboard haha
Answer #3
Haha I know what you mean man :p I tried it once with my laptop but it turned out to be a mess xD It won’t stick and everytime you want to carry the laptop out to work/school or to bed, the wires fall off anyway. You can use invisible tape but it can leave some glue stains…
Answer #4
haha yeah well i dont carry my laptop aroudn its either on the table or in bed with me… basicly its just in my room


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