Burning PS2 Games?

February 15th, 2021

Im trying to burn a PS2 game but alcohol doesnt work for me, it just tells me to insert a blank DVD even when there is one in any other programs i can use?
Answer #1
try ashampoo burning studio
Answer #2
Ultimate CD/DVD burner, works everytime for me.


If not, it could be your DVD rw drivers.
Answer #3
use dvddecrypter it works like an angel
Answer #4
reinstalling alcohol might help and if not, most burning programs work, yust make sure to burn at 2x or 4x then it should work
Answer #5
Its not my dvd drivers cos i can burn movies and stuff onto my DVDs its just alcohol, ill try the other programs suggested thanks!
Answer #6
in Alcohol
Options > Emulation and disable “Ignore Media Type”


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