Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

January 28th, 2020

Hi, I currently have the retail, genuine version of Modern Warfare 2 and one of my friends wants to play it. Since I’m not nice enough to share my account with him, he’ll have play it for single player only. Would it be possible for him to play single player if I burnt the 2 genuine DVDs and let him install it? I’m not quite sure how to bypass the Steam’s protection/request for serial key if I was to do that. I’m also assuming the DVDs don’t have any protection on them such as Securom and the like? However, if they do, could you please tell me what they are?
Answer #1
As far as I can remember at first copies of the full Copy of the DVDs were posted…But nobody can play it until It was released by a release group that created their own non steam installer…If you have the skills…Maybe…Otherwise just download a cracked one..
Answer #2
since it has steam protection you have to find a way to bypass it or just download the razor or reloaded version . Therefore you can create a 2 isos or 2 copied dvd of your original retail
Answer #3
Thanks for the replies. My friend just decided to go buy the game. It turns out he just wanted to sample the game before buying it


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