[How To] Move Gmail Inbox & Sent Item to another Gmail A

August 16th, 2022

Hai All,
Can anyone help me with this problem?
Currently i’m using Google App Gmail and i want to take/move all the current inbox and sent item to my new Personal Gmail. I was thinking to forward it but it seems that there is no option for Forward All.
Appreciate if anyone can help me with this matter.
Thanking all

remote desktop for iphone

August 14th, 2022

Hello, I need a program, that can view or controll windows pc over internet from Iphone/I pad. Also I dont want a over IP. Radmin is a good one, great stealth, but is over IP. Teamviewer is also good but when I connect, a popup appear and says that iphone (name) is connected – this is so stupid thing, if Read more...

[SOLVED] I locked myself out of my rapidshare account!

August 14th, 2022

i dont have any transaction details since i made this account from premium points i activated the security lock with a wrong e-mail address, which had only the domain difference xyz@yahoo.com instead of xyz@yahoo.co.in , what should i do? its 2 years worth account!
Answer #1
Moving -
#3.3 Topics must be submitted to the relevant forums. Please read the

Dead Space 3 Resolution

August 13th, 2022

When trying to open dead space 3 i get a resolution error and my screen goes black. Ive looked for system changes and been told to go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EA Games\Dead Space 3\
Open up system.txt and you can change resolution there but given the fact ive used black box edition the folder is empty and there isn’t a way that

Downloading from RS Premium with Internet Download Manager

August 11th, 2022

I am having to copy/paste each link individually to download… how do I make IDM queue up all links?
Answer #1
Integrate Internet Explorer / Firefox with IDM. To do this go to Downloads -> Options -> "General" tab
and turn on the option for your browser.
Restart your browser.
Now, when viewing a website where there are a list … Read more...

[ SOLVED ]how to recover files from bad disk

August 11th, 2022

my portable hdd disk is damaged and windows saying me that i need to format it due the damaged file or directory. but i have about 200gb important stuff there. can anyone recommend me a best app to recover all that files or Disk Internals Uneraser is the best tool for that.
please help. it is an emergency!

Answer #1

Rename Folder with Deb Script

August 10th, 2022

Hey guys, i’m trying to make a deb file which contains a theme for sbsettings but i want to rename a folder that is already in the themes folder located on iphone so i don’t lose anything, and when i uninstall the package, the folder that i renamed before will return back to it’s original name. I found on the Read more...

can someone recommend a video editing software that can..

August 8th, 2022

hey everyone
i want to make photoshop makeover videos, and i need a video editing software that can fast forward clips, add text whenever i need and stuff like that. ive tried windows movie maker but i didnt know how to fastforward, ad its abit simple, not what i need. thanks guys

Answer #1
adobe premier pro can do LOTS …

Help me about “Microsoft office outlook 2007”

August 8th, 2022

hi my friends
How can I set “Microsoft office outlook 2007” for my clients and server on the local area network (LAN) for sending and receiving messages or letters between workstations? And how can I create my users as contacts? Plz explain simple with pics thanx

Answer #1
create a mail server incoming + outgoing (pop and stmp) and then … Read more...

Burning and playing movies 1024p or 1920x1080i

August 6th, 2022

I’m compleet new in these things, have 2 movies downloaded from IMAX in that resolution (1920x1080i) and one in 1024p .
Can i burn this simply with convertXdvd / nero on a DVD to view on a DVD player or…
Need i a HD dvd player and a new TV who supports HD 1024P .
Somebody has experience with this

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