how to find/use tts voices

May 31st, 2022

I downloaded ivona and balaboka software..
I whant to hear from one on there softwares a romanian text.
Please tell me where I cand find and download the carmen voice, is a romanian voice from or another voice if carmen is not available.
Please tell me if I install ivona trial what files I have to extract from

Physics: Work & Kinetic energy

May 30th, 2022

Hey, I’m doing some exercises on Kinetic Energy and Work.
And apparently sometimes I can solve the question by using either formules ((mv^2)/2) or simply the F*X for W). The question is, is it just coincidence that I have the same solution using both methods. Of course, they are both energy, perhaps there’s something I’m not seeing ?
Ty -Flesj-

[SOLVED] Question about MP4’s

May 28th, 2022

I use Windows Media Player 11. Whenever I download a movie I usually click on it to make sure it is the right .avi and it downloaded okay. Whenever I download an MP4 for one of the tablets and click on it, I get something that looks like this:
Am I missing a codec or something?

Answer #1
Yes, missing …

Safelinking site DOWN!?!?

May 27th, 2022

IT says the site is under maintenance, am i just crazy? i cant download anything that is safe linked.
Answer #1
Yep, it’s happening with me too. Confused
Answer #2
Google has changed their API. I.e EVERY website which uses Google API has to change their API. Safelinking is one of them. So they are down for maintenance Wink
Answer #3
No …

What do you think

May 26th, 2022

Tell me if i missed any compatibility issues.
Trying to fit around $650 without a monitor I will be playing games like cod4, cod5, aa3, mw2, l4d, crysis… I expect to play call of duty/aa3 at fairly high settings and get good performance. Trying to fit around $650 without a monitor Here are the Guidelines:
1TB HD or (2) 500GB

DVD Drive

May 25th, 2022

Hi, my pc is currently infected with a virus (Win32.Paribe.B, which corrupts exe’s) and my anti virus programs cant take this of for some reason.
I need to reinstall XP but my problem is to do with my DVD Drive.
1wire(Black strap) fits into the Motherboard, not the DVD Drive. 1 wire fits into the DVD Drive, not the Motherboard.

Joomla adsense

May 24th, 2022

hello guys…..i using joomla 1.5
i need joomla replicant 2 Logo PSD and tell me how to add adsense code in articles(in middle, left, right)

Answer #1
anybody help……………
Answer #2
search to for adsense module
Answer #3
Please don’t double post to bump your topic =/
There is a module for this at if it costs … Read more...

Macbook pro and windows 7 activator/crack

May 24th, 2022

Does there is any activator/crack of windows 7 ultimate which works with macbook pro?
Anyone tested?
i have not tested any activator/crack nor install windows 7.Need advice

Answer #1
Same here. Can anyone confirm that theres an app that works?
Answer #2
Tested and working 101%…

Megavideo or Megaupload question

May 22nd, 2022

Is there any way to get a megavideo premium account?? like a hacked one or something??
I see that there are rapidshare premium posts all the time and wondered if there is a way to get megavideo premium that way???
I like to use megavideo but it only allows so many minutes at a time so you cant finish a

Problem with ICS (hosted network) after Windows 10 upgrade.

May 22nd, 2022

So here’s the deal.
In windows 8.1 I’ve always created a hosted network (with command line) to share the internet with my mobile devices. This always worked like a charm until I upgraded to windows 10… Now, is there any tool or command I could use to determine where exactly it’s going wrong ? Because I’ve tried multiple devices and

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