how can i split .zip/.uha/.rar files into 2 or more parts?

September 29th, 2023

Answer #1
use winrar? there is an option for splitting files into couple parts.
Answer #2
HJ Split
Answer #3
yep i’m using winrar but i can’t find it. so i tried winuha and i can’t find it to.
and btw, how do i use UHARC?
Answer #4
you can split with winrar
Answer #5
Pretty straight forward I …

[SOLVED – Thanks a lot]Optic Drive – Please help :)

September 29th, 2023

Does anyone know if the following DVD drive can write on DVD+5 DL cd’s?
SAMSUNG DVD-RW DL 6xx4W/6xx5WD/2xx5W Serienr.: P8006RXP799466
Thanks on advance (btw I cant find anything on google )

Answer #1
DVD-/+R5 is a single layer dvd
DVD-/+R9 is a dual layer dvd
yes your dvd+/-rw drive does support dual layer dvd’s which are DVD-/+R9
i personally recommend …

HELP please! Virus Problem (Worm: Win32/Dorkbot.I)

September 28th, 2023

I have problems with my file folders. Files in my local drive seem ok, the problem seems to affect those stored in removable devices (USB/flash disk, SD, external HDD). The folders containing my files become shortcuts, and there are additional folder shortcuts created like: .Trashes. The virus seems to be a worm called: Win32/Dorkbot.I.
Some folders I am able to

How To Get The Fastest Speeds With RapGet

September 26th, 2023

i have a rapidshare premium account
and when i use ReGet Deluxe i can get around 800 Kb/s for one download at a time
I got RapGet to download a huge list of links
and it works, but i only get like 100 Kb/s and sometimes even as low as 10 Kb/s
Is there some way to tweak the settings

How can I verify my download?

September 25th, 2023

With 10+ 200MB files with *.01-10 for example
How can I check to see which one is corrupt if it says ‘Broken’ in 7-zip?
Rapidshare does not show md5’s for any links unless an uploader exports details… :/
EDIT: It says broken during extraction of the 10+ part file

Answer #1
Get winrar, split the download and then test the … Read more...

My PC makes weird noise!

September 24th, 2023

I was gaming last night and my gf wanted to joke with me and accidentally pushed PC case,since then my headphones/speakers are making weird noise,i could describe that sound like when you watch TV with bad reception and you hear that noise.I tried to switch front jacks and rear jacks,same noise everywhere.Also i tried to replug all sound connectors on Read more...

Unwanted materials on CD

September 23rd, 2023

I was just going download a game and I accidentally put something on my cd I don’t want, is there anyway I can remove this unwanted material off my cd completely?
Answer #1
you burned the cd already? and its not a cd-rw…then no you cant..
Answer #2
If it is a CD-R then no but if it is a … Read more...

Please name of this song!

September 23rd, 2023

Can anyone tell me the name of this song please
plays for a 2 sec on this video.
at 3:38

Answer #1
lol, not that hard
Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us
Answer #2
Thanks you mazter!…

Anyone Know Why CCleaner Text Looks Like This

September 22nd, 2023

in my start menu – all programs – CCleaner and all its file listings look like this::
Äîïîëíèòåëüíûå ôóíêöèè
Î÷èñòêà êîìïüþòåðà â ôîíîâîì ðåæèìå
even comment text:
Î÷èñòêà Âàøåãî ÏÊ â ôîíîâîì ðåæèìå
and this is the latest version and the previous version did this also .. anyone know why?

Answer #1
You shouldn’t have to use …

.r00 file needed for further extraction…

September 21st, 2023

Hi, i just downloaded C&C: Tiberium Wars which exists out of 81 “rarred” files, which – when extracted – become 81 other files with extensions like: “.001, .002, etc.”
When i rename the “.001” file to “.rar” to extract the ISO inside, it goed to 1 % and then says i need the following volume: “.r00” But there never was

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