Video Editing And Film Making Geeks Needed!

September 8th, 2021

Hi, So I finally installed Pinnacle Studio 16, and my DV player is picked up! BUT!! and this is a big annoying BUT! I can’t get 1080p HD to work, only standard DV.
I record in HD and can watch it back on the camera fine, but when I try to capture it Via Firewire it is just a black screen with no sound, but DV works.
What am I doing wrong?
Do I need a HD Firewire Cable?

Answer #1
does your vidcam use mem cards ? if so , take out the card and put it into the card slot on your pc ,to copy the vidfile to your hdrive …
if no card slot ,then buy a cheap card reader and connect it to pc via usb port ,and put the card into the reader, and copy file tp pc … hope this helps …
Answer #2
Nah it’s a HVR-A1E so it used FireWire lol.
Thanks though…


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