[SOLVED] Windows Problem With Explorer

January 14th, 2022

Hi to all,
I’ve got a problem with my explorer, it kinda started to do weird things… When I went into the explorer it makes the hole time from those mouseclick sounds and jumps from one folder to the other. In the internet explorer I can’t type in the adresbar and my right mouse-click does weird… I don’t know how it started, but I didn’t do anything special. I did a system recovery to an older point, but still it did the clicking and swapping. Then I did a total system recovery, so I reinstalled vista, but still I have the problem… I’ve been searching on the internet and found serveral problems where the explorer crashes and says: “Explorer has enconter a problem and must be restarted”, but with me it doesn’t. I don’t know if the problem lies with windows or hp, but it is really annoying. Can anyone help me please?
PS: I have a HP Pavilion dv6500 notebook PC
Vista Home Premium (was on the computer when I bought it…)
Intel core 2 duo
2GB Ram

Answer #1
Is the problem with your mouse?
Answer #2
Make sure the drivers of your mouse are correctly installed and/or crashing with new drivers.
Answer #3
you scanned for viruses?
Answer #4
He says he reinstalled vista
Answer #5
Thanks for the quick responses!
So no viruses, but can’t be the mouse too, because it works perfectly when I have the problem, I still can move the mouse and click on other things…
I don’t know if it mathers (didn’t wanted to say yet), but I had just burned Windows 7 on dvd en let it in my computer… Then the problem started… Then I did the system recovery to an older point (didn’t worked), installed windows 7(didn’t solved the problem) and then reinstalled vista… And there’s something weird, yesterday I still had the problem, now I haven’t had it yet, but I don’t think the problem solves itself, so I think it will come back…
Answer #6
Ensure that all your drivers are up to date.
Answer #7
My drivers were all up-to-date… I haven’t posted it yet but yesterday I had new symthones… My computer did the hole time Right-click and my keyboard was automaticaly in caps lock so if I wanted to type in small letters I hade to push caps lock… In explorer when I wanted to click the (lets say) the thirth file, he automaticaly selected all the files that were before that one… But i’ve been talking about it with some friends on school and they think it’s hardware because what i’ve noticed is that my hp screen in the beginning (the bios) keep hanging if i’m about to have the problem. So I first have to select boot device before it starts Windows… They all think it’s a hardware problem and I better let it check it out by some computer store… Now if anyone thinks it’s not a hardware problem but a software problem please let me know… Otherwise, Thanks for the help anyway!
Answer #8
Was a strange thingy… But now and then it comes back, I leave my computer and after a few days, it’s over… Don’t know what the problem is, but as I can ignore it, I consider this case as SOLVED!


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