Problem with Dual Core

October 9th, 2021

Hi all ,
I am using fujitsu-siemens notebook with core2 duo t5450 .
I have been running Cpu-z on it to check its performance .
While checking the results i have noticed that one of the cores seems to be inactivated .
Let me show you :
SS of the the Activated Core : core1 1662.5 mhz
SS of the inactivated Core :core2 1.0 mhz
Plz guide me

Answer #1
What motherboard do u have?
BIOS version?
Answer #2
cool feature called speedstep
when the processor detects that it isnt under heavy load, it steps the core speed down, in some cases disabling a whole core to save power.
download q-pi from here, extract, run, and you should see it shoot straight back up
Answer #3
ohh ok thx , i’ll try it !


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