External HDD wont read on XP

June 9th, 2021

Hello –
I have an external Western Digital HDD and I can read it just fine on my Mac. But when I plug it into my wife’s netbook…XP wont read it. Any suggestions?

Answer #1
Maybe it’s formatted for MAC? It needs to be FAT32 to work on both MAC and Windows
Answer #2
Cool. I’ll try and format it for FAT32.
Answer #3
You’d be best formatting it as NTFS from the netbook
and installing NTFS-3G on your MAC:
This unlike FAT32 will allow you to store files larger then 4GB.
Answer #4
^ I tried NTFS-3G and it gave me a FILE SYSTEMS FORMATTER FAILED.
Answer #5
As said^ You should format it as NTFS from your wifes netbook!


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