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January 11th, 2022

Best Movies
http://~ Disallowed ~/index.php
Something has changed – it’s not good. When visiting get this message Please Disable Ad-Block or Whitelist Us To View This Website
If you do disable Ad-Block – seem to be exposed to some bad things.
Anyone else have this happening?
How to stop it?
Thanks for help

Answer #1
Yes, the site now comes with annoying pop-ups. If you register they may stop, they may not
Answer #2
Thanks for your reply …
Now at least I know it’s not just at my end.
Too bad – gonna lose some regulars for sure.
Answer #3
Never used it, but my kaspersky anti banner block all ads it seems.
I’m not seeing any ads, and I don’t get any message like what you did get.
Answer #4
Malwarebytes starts blocking stuff too,
A good site to stay away from !
Answer #5
why not use this yify site instead ?
Answer #6
Thanks for all replies …
I’m gonna avoid this site (best movies) now.

why not use this yify site instead ?

Yes – I have that one bookmarked – thanks.
Answer #7
why not use this yify site instead ?

its real YIFY site ?


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