July 22nd, 2018

anyway to do a clean install of windows vista without having to burn to a dvd or booting from a usb drive?
Answer #1
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Answer #2
You have to burn it to a CD. Go buy a burner they arent that expensive, i got a good LG multi burner for 25 bucks at newegg.
Answer #3
Yea, you can’t do it anyother way.
$30 will get you a good burner and some blank DVD’s …
Answer #4
just download a iso and run it through that.
but better way is to burn it on a dvd
Answer #5
u could always check with friend or family, if they have a pc it will likely have a dvd burner.
if worst comes to worst u could always buy it, but in mine and so many others opinions u would b wasting ur money


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