Surround Sound Field & Recording Sound Help .

October 11th, 2021

I play games alot & want to know what is the best ….
I have an Sony AV System.
They have different Surround Sound fields and I was wondering …
What is the best Surround Sound Field for HD/7.1ch sound ? They’re out of Pro Logic, 2ch Stereo, A.F.D Standard, A.F.D Multi .
Also …
I record Gameplay & I want to record anything besides Stereo/Mono.
Something that can record anything above Stereo, that can plug into my PC either through 3.5mm or USB for me to record with.
What is it called that is in between Stereo & Surround Sound ?
Like 3ch setup or something, kind of like being able to hear noises from the left , center & right from a standard gameplay video. Thanks

Answer #1
any help thanks


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