Sumvision Cyclone Primus HDMI Issue

July 27th, 2018

Have had this box for a year, connecting to tv via gold HDMI cable. A �1.50 cable from Ebay. Watching it last night the picture started cutting in and out. Turning it on today there was no picture at all. Connected the box to 2 different tv’s & same result.
I bought another cheap cable & still could’nt get any picture. Tried on the other 2 tv’s. I was able to get picture & sound on both these tv’s but picture was very snowy. I bought a slightly more expensive Alba cable. The same issue, no picture on 1 tv & snowy picture on the 2 others.
Anyone know if there is an issue with these boxes. I’m not sure if i should buy a high quality cable, the cheapo cable has worked fine for a year though!!

Answer #1
do you have any other HDMI components ?
do the cables & TV’s work with them ?
Answer #2
I’ve used all HDMI outputs on all tv’s.
I have no consoles or other devices to check the leads. It must be highly unlikely that 3 brand new leads can all be faulty though.
On reading other forums it seems the units can get hot & burn out the HDMI module.
Am still puzzled as to why the usual tv it’s used on can’t get any picture at all yet the other 2 tv’s can get a picture (albeit a snowy one)
Answer #3
sumvision, does have issues, i have used there products for about 7ish years now, always the same issues with there products, probably board damaged, did you always power it off on the remote before unplugging and the switch.
Answer #4
I did always switch it off before unplugging. I have in the past plugged it in whilst the wall socket was switched on. When doing this i have noticed a couple of sparks from the plug. The unit always ran with no issues though so don’t know if the unit could have been damaged by plugging it in while the wall socket was switched on.
Can these units be repaired? I’m not very happy with the picture quality using the Y, W, R cable ( think it’s composite) any way to make it better?
Answer #5
Y, W, R cable
this is standard def is why the picture sucks
digtial coaxial <– you tried this one with a standard cable wire ?
Answer #6
I thought the coaxial was for connecting the Primus to an amp.
Answer #7
Would connecting by scart give a better picture than using Y,W,R cable?
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