How do I take a screenshot if my prntscreen button is broke?

October 31st, 2013

Any idea lol?
Answer #1
remap the key, or get a program and set a keybind.
Answer #2
This will run M$ on-screen keyboard,psc = Printscreen.
Edit: There are also various softwares for taking screenshots,google it if you want some names.
Answer #3
Gadwin PrintScreen Pro 4.7
This is the best. you can either setup a hot key in the options or just right click the icon in the task-bar and click it to do print screen.
You can also edit the image after taking a screenshot
screenshot from 4.6 taken from the net but its the same

Answer #4
Easiest way would be to use the On-Screen keyboard. If you are in Windows 7 you can use the Snipping Tool too. FastStone Screen Capture is an alternative although its pretty unnecessary..
Answer #5
You could use fraps as well.
Answer #6
snipping tool for windows vista/7
Answer #7
Ste#. replied: snipping tool for windows vista/7
was just about to say that then scrolled down,
if you have windows 7 type snipping then new and drag where you want to screen shot.
use this whilst waiting on a new keyboard
Answer #8
Snipping Tool very helpfull.


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