cant attach file in outlook 2007

April 12th, 2021

I am getting this everytime I try to attach a file in outlook 2007. It closes and restarts the program. It also happens when I try to insert a picture. Has this happened to anyone? I need help. I tryed reinstalling Microsoft office with no luck. Any help would be great. Maybe I need a new copy? It will attach a pic if I move quickly enough from only the folder it opens no moving folders or its done.
thank you in advance.

Answer #1
is sp1 installed? attach the error report files next time it happens
maybe it will shed some light on the issue,but still get sp1 if its not
already installed
Answer #2
Do the RIGHT thing and forget the ancient ways of yesteryear and go “GOOGLE” ! Your the first person I have ever net since the dinosaurs days when I had my first PC who uses that useless form of email. Should have been obsolete by now.
Answer #3
What type of file is it, and what size exactly?
Answer #4
Der Jager, If you want to pad your posts with useless information, please don’t use my post to do it. If you had a real job you would know that gmail does not offer everything I need. Try to keep your mouth shut next time and read your sigbefore you post, I think it says it all. Thanks
To robbie an thanks I will get more info up here asap.


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