Can anyone identify these letters/characters…what’s the language?

August 23rd, 2018

That’s as clear a picture as i could get. Sorry. Anyone recognize it?

Answer #1
If you have a smart phone there is google translator..
It will tell you the language and translate for you, sure ive seen it for the comp as well, (hence why taking the time to look) but couldnt find it soz.. I only had a 1 minute look for you so may be worth googleing if your not prepared to get the app for a smartphone..
Edit: watching TV so didnt read enough of the program description, seems it doesnt find the language for you soz… But there is software out there which will tell you language ive had to use it before, but musnt of been from google..
Answer #2
That’s Greek, it’s a little mispelled, it means “love never declines, decays” it’s from St Peter’s hymn of love:
Makes me cry every single time.
Answer #3
Thank you Jack_Torrance for the informative info and it..


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